Livestream Event

Frankfurt Conservation Awards

presenting the Bruno H. Schubert Preis

28 April 2021

6 p.m. CET

The Frankfurt Conservation Awards – an environmental prize in 3 categories awarded by the Bruno H. Schubert-Foundation – will be awarded on 28 April 2021 at 6 p.m. CET. Please register for the Zoom livestream event by filling in the form below. Please note: To attend the event you need to have internet access.


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The Frankfurt Conservation Award

The Bruno H. Schubert-Preis

The Bruno H. Schubert Prize is awarded by the Frankfurt-based Bruno H. Schubert Foundation to individuals for their exceptional commitment to preserving the biological diversity of our planet. The non-profit foundation has been honoring scientific achievements and the practical implementation of research results in the field of nature conservation and environmental protection since 1983. Among the award winners are big names such as Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1983), Prof. Edward O. Wilson (1996) or Prof. Klaus Töpfer (2002).

The total amount of prize money is currently 70,000 euros. The foundation's board of directors determines the distribution of the prize money among the three prize categories. The prize money is determined from the income of the foundation's assets.

The Frankfurt Conservation Awards are awarded in three categories:

Category 1
The Bruno H. Schubert-Award

A personality of science, journalism or practical nature conservation who has rendered outstanding services to the conservation of nature and the environment, especially wildlife (Lifetime achievement award).

Category 2

(This prize may be devided between two awardees)

Individuals who have made outstanding individual achievements in the field of conservation of nature and the environment and who have done remarkable practical conservation work. (Next generation of scientists award).

Category 3

(This prize may be devided between two awardees)

Young people (maximum age 25 years) or groups of young people who have made an outstanding contribution to the conservation of nature and the environment through their practical work, including on a scientific basis and/or by setting an example to others in the field of nature conservation.

*This category is the only one for which you can apply yourself. For the other two categories the nominees must be proposed by a third party.

The Bruno H. Schubert Foundation

The Bruno H. Schubert Foundation is a non-profit foundation based in Frankfurt am Main. It awards the highest endowed private environmental prize in Germany - for commitment to nature and the environment.

Our purpose is to serve the promotion of science and its practical implementation in knowledge and defense against threats to nature, animals and the environment. The non-profit foundation was included in the Hessian Foundation Directory.

The name of the foundation goes back to the entrepreneur and honorary citizen of the city of Frankfurt, Consul General Bruno H. Schubert (1919-2010).

Throughout his life, he had been committed to the protection of animals and the environment. In addition to his diplomatic commitment to Chile, Bruno H. Schubert was a board member of the Frankfurt Zoological Society and a recipient of high national and international awards. Consul General Bruno H. Schubert and his wife Inge Schubert established the charitable foundation in 1994 and endowed it with a capital of DM 1 million. The Bruno H. Schubert Foundation works closely with the Frankfurt Zoological Society.

Every two years, the Environmental Foundation awards the Bruno H. Schubert Prize in Frankfurt am Main. It honors scientific achievements and their practical implementation in the field of nature conservation and environmental protection.

In the three thematic areas of nature, animals and the environment, the Bruno H. Schubert Foundation takes over: (currently suspended)

  • the awarding of research contracts
  • the issue of scholarships
  • the promotion of scientific publications
  • the financial support of research projects

Category 3

Category 3 is the only one for which you can apply yourself. (For categories 1 and 2 the nominees must be proposed by a third party). Applicants cannot be older than 25 years. Application documents must include the following information or documents:

  1. Project name
  2. Project sponsor (e.g. name of school, association, etc., address)
  3. Project manager (name, address)
  4. Project description (description of the objective, work implementation, number of active project participants with age information)
  5. Third-party award (name of award, awarded by…, on…, amount of endowment)
  6. First-time application for the Bruno H. Schubert Prize: Yes / No, already applied in the year
  7. Documentation about project goals and work: (Possibly enclosing photographic material and related press publications). If necessary, the documents must be supplemented by scientific references from third parties. The copyrights of submitted photographic material must lie with the project sponsor or project manager.

Please send the application documents for prize category 3 of the Bruno H. Schubert Prize 2023 by 15 May 15 2023 to:

Bruno H. Schubert-Stiftung
Zoologische Gesellschaft Frankfurt
Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 1
60316 Frankfurt am Main

registration @